Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bulletproof Cross

These days I tell myself that I have no interest in chart music anymore but last Sunday I listened to the UK singles chart countdown and I liked at least 5 of the songs in the top ten. I am going to post some of the songs I have liked this summer over the next few days. When it comes to posting new songs or videos I always think 'why post them' as most new singles are featured on other pop blogs but then I also remember that some of my Irish friends and readers often hear a song for the first time through my blog. Which is nice! Sometimes, songs take months or even longer for me to like. Such is the case with La Roux and Bulletproof. I don't remember much being written in the UK press about their success with the song on the Billboard chart when it got to number 8 recently. With so few UK acts doing well in the US I think songs like Bulletproof should be celebrated. I would also love to see a time when more UK acts did well in the US charts in general, it always makes it more interesting. Below is a mix of Bulletproof and The Gossip's Heavy Cross. The mix is by Robin Skouteris who is a real talent.

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John said...

That mashup is EPIC. Feels like a bit of a religious experience. How have I missed that?