Sunday, May 16, 2010

80: 80s 4: Breathe

Why aren't there more ballads in the charts these days? How old do I sound when I say that! There was a time when there was always a 'slow song' or two in the top ten singles chart. Some were very lovely such as Hands to Heaven by Breathe. The song was a number 4 singles chart hit in the UK in 1988 and it did even better in the US where it got to number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks. The band were fronted by vocalist David Glasper who is pictured above looking very wistful indeed. Breathe did much better in the US than in the UK where they had another top 3 hit with How Can I Fail also in 1988 and Don't tell Me Lies which got to number 10 in 1989. There were 5 singles released from their debut album All That Jazz.

Here's Hands to Heaven.

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Jason Shaw said...

I so loved this song when it first came out. I remember actually buying two copies, not sure exactly what my reasoning was at the time!

In fact it's one of the few bits of vinyl I still have!

I've not played it in a while, so thank you, for this trip back into the past!