Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glamorous Material

Paul Fizzypop has a post on the MaDonna Summer project here. I like some of the songs but definitely not all. Maybe it's because I like both artists so much individually. A mash up of a Madonna song that I like very much of is below. It's a mash up of Material Girl with Fergie's Glamorous. The audio is by DJ Mei-Luwn and the video is by VJ Brewski. I know not everyone will like it but there you go!


John said...

I have never seen that single cover before. Wow...she cleans up well, doesn't she?

Yuяi said...

I really like the mashup! Thanks for sharing, David. I'm wondering if you have heard the really good mash/mix "If You Buy This Record, Your Life Will Be Better" by Tamperer ft. Maya? Give that a listen. :)