Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to anyone who ever reads these pages. I realised the other day I haven't blogged since October so tonight I felt like blogging something again. I am back at college doing my film and literature degree course at night, still working (thank God!) in the bookshop and also writing books and film pages in a new monthly magazine back in Kilkenny. I do read everyone's blogs still and loved especially Paul's X Factor weekend write ups. I went to see Will Young, Little Boots and Alison Moyet in concert recently and they were all fab. I also got to see Julian Clary do stand up comedy and that was great too. Thank you Orla for getting me a rather wonderful souvenir of that show. Next year I will see Whitney Houston and Lady Gaga in concert, my first time to see both in a full concert. I may do a random 30 songs I loved this year by the end of the month. When you work in a shopping centre that plays the same songs every hour for months on end you unfortunately get to hate even your most favourite songs. Poor Beyonce's Sweet Dreams became one insane in the brain song for me. Release Me by Agnes was the only song I could listen to over and over again. As we head into 2010, blogging has been the most stand out thing for me this decade and it is Enda's and Sinead's blogs that got me hooked in the first place. I still think blogging is an addiction but I sometimes would love a world that was mobile phone and internet free. The best day of this decade, popular culture wise, for me was seeing Madonna in concert in Slane in 2004. Seeing Cyndi Lauper in concert with my friend Rosie was the second best pop moment in the past few years. This decade I met some wonderful new friends especially Brian who has been there for me so many times since I met him. Everyone should have a Brian in their life. My nephews Ben and Jamie were both born this decade and their mother, my darling sister Emma reads all my blogs and I love her for that. My other darling sister Jane got engaged to a very lovely guy and she has never been happier. My brother Mike is well on his way to being a superstar artist and he still has his heart and sense of humour and a fab girlfriend called Anne who is the best support. This semester in school we did a short film with Mike as the subject and that was a really brilliant experience and honour. In 2009 I love pop as much as ever, Lady Gaga's Monster and Alexandra's Broken Heels are my fave pop songs this week. It took me to reach 40 years old and through blogging to find pop fans who like the music that I love and Paul, John and Yuri, yours are the best of my new finds over the past 12 months. David Daily Drama's is still the blog I connect with most and without a doubt meeting up with David in London this year and having our marathon pop chat was a great highlight for me. So Merry Christmas everyone! Here's a rather fantastic mix by the genius Robin Skouteris of her Ladyship's greatest songs and videos including many from this decade. This mix is for every pop reader of Strike Curious Poses, especially David.