Monday, October 12, 2009

Mini Viva: Showing Out

Mini Viva's I Left My Heart In Tokyo is very slowly climbing the Irish singles chart, they are currently at number 23 up from 31 last week. The song is pure pop bubble gum. I first heard it on the Chris Evans show many weeks ago on my friend Brian's car radio as we drove to Dublin from Belfast. It was an experience. Enduring the Chris Evans show that is. Pete Hammond has a very dancey retro mix of the song which basically mashes up Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) by Mel & Kim, which was one of SAW's finest pop moments. Here's that mix.
And here's the wonderful Mel & Kim, two of pop's best stars ever. Mel was another popstar gone too soon.

When Kelly Wasn't Dancing

Kelly Osborne is currently starring in Dancing with The Stars in the US and is still there a few weeks in. Her daddy Ozzy was in Dublin last weekend and he had a crowd queuing down the street at Easons bookshop in the city centre. I never liked the Osbournes TV show and for the most part Sharon always annoyed me and over the years Kelly too. But she was really just a child when the show started and has truly grown up in a goldfish bowl. I hated her Papa Don't Preach cover but she had a great pop moment. It was in April 2005 when she released the single One Word. It was the remix by Chris Cox that I liked so much, playing it over and over on Last.FM when Last.FM was my OCD of the week. That remix made it to number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart. The single also got to number 9 in the UK charts and number 19 in Ireland. It's mad to think the song is 4 and a half years old already! One Word works really well because it borrowed so much from the song Fade To Grey by Visage which is truly one of the best songs that made the 1980s what it was. Later the song writing credits on One Word acknowledged this fact. The video for the song was fab too with French New Wave director Jean Luc Goddard the main influence. Kelly dear! Come back to dance. Here's the video featuring the gorgeous remix by the clever Mr Chris Cox.