Monday, August 31, 2009

She Came Along

Whenever I hear a new song I like I play it so many times that I either don't ever want to hear it again or will always like it. Today, I've been listening to a new Sharam song, She Came Along. I don't really know Kid Cudi and am not mad on his vocals on the song but I have the Patsy Cline sample in the chorus lodged in my head. Sharam is currently touring with his Wild West multimedia show which sounds very intriging. Here's She Came Along by Sharam featuring Kid Cudi, out this week in the UK. So much dance sounds the same it has to be commended for trying a different type of sample.

Just For A Little While

Sam Sparro was forever in the charts with Black and Gold in 2008. His follow up single 21st Century Life charted outside the top 40 in both the UK and Australia. Sam is too good to be sent to pop's dumper-bin already. Thankfully, the new Basement Jaxx song Feelings Gone features him on vocals. Basement Jaxx have collaborated with some great vocalists over the years and Sam is now added to that list. Feeling Gone sounds a bit Prince like in places. Which is never a bad thing.

Come Home From The Road

Thank you to Paul for letting me know that the reason for the Luther Vandross song Dance With My Father being back in the charts was due to the fact it was sung by a hopeful contestant on X Factor. It shows you that X Factor is also a factor when it comes to download purchases from Irish fans of the show. Paul also mentioned that his personal favourite Luther song is The Power Of Love/Love Power which is a really great song. I have 3 songs by Luther that I adore. The first is when he was with the group Change and the song Searching. The second is his version of Superstar. The third is the song below. It is Stop To Love from Luther's 1986 album Give Me The Reason. The line Come home from the road is a reason alone to love it in my book.


Earlier this year, Lady Gaga added her name to the many, many 'featuring' songs in the charts worldwide. Chillin is her collaboration with rapper Wale. Pronounced Wall Eh! It is released in the UK today but has been out as a download in the US since last April. It is one of those songs that you will either love or hate. It has a sample of the 1960's song Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye). That sample has also been used this year on Kristina Debarge's Goodbye and Jay Z's D.O.A. (Death Of Auto Tune). Here's Wale featuring Lady Gaga and Chillin.
In 1983 Bananarama released their now well known version of Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) which was a number 5 hit in the UK.