Friday, August 14, 2009

Classic Fizz!

For me Bucks Fizz were one of the 1980s perfect pop groups. They had all the elements. A Eurovision winning beginning in 1981, they all looked gorgeous, several hit singles and albums, catchy pop songs and love songs. They were an early reason why I loved British pop music. Here's three songs by them. The first is a song that got to number 8 in the UK charts in 1982.
This is Now Those Days Are Gone. The second is from 1983. This was a number 10 hit in the UK and number 6 in Ireland. Here's When We Were Young.
The third song is I Hear Talk from 1984. At the time of the singles release the group were involved in a tour bus crash and singer Mike Nolan was severely injured. As a result of the accident, in the days before a 1000 digital TV music stations and Youtube, there was limited promotion of the song and it only charted in the 30's in the UK chart. I Hear Talk should have easily have been a bigger hit as it is lovely, joyous pop. So, for that reason, of the three songs featured here I am choosing I Hear Talk as song 20 of my 40.

Doing It For The

Lovegame will be Lady Gaga's new single in the UK. Originally released in Canada and the US in March it will be released in the UK and Ireland on September 21st on CD single. Of her four singles I think it's the weakest. I wish it was The Fame.

That's What They Call You

Song number 19 of my 40 is also from 1981. Kiki Dee is most well known for her number one duet with Sir Elton on Don't Go Breaking My Heart which they did a fantastic version of at Live Aid in 1984. My favourite song by Kiki Dee is Star. It got to number 13 in the UK chart and is one of the songs I remember being on the radio a lot when I was just 12 years old. Here's a true pop classic. Star by Kiki Dee.


This is song number 18 of my 40. From 1981 a song that would prove to be the biggest hit single of their career. This is the OMD and the very beautiful Souvenir.