Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miss Melanie Fiona

What is the most unfortunate number of all? 13? 99? Six billion. Well, if you are a potential popstar it must be 41. That's the number that Melanie Fiona's single Give It To Me Right stopped at recently in the UK charts. This is a great big shame as I think the song is very good indeed.
Melanie has a great voice and already has a variety of images. I love the one above which is very Chaka Khan. How about this one. Ciara called! She wants her image/hoodie/street corner back! Or black and white photoshoot was going well until Melanie Fiona crashed to ground due to sheer weight of 'couture' earphones.
Or maybe 'Oh fuck that moody respected artist malarkey nonsense I just wanna be a centrefold.' Anyway! Here's Melanie Fiona and Give It To Me Right which features a lot of The Zombies Time Of The Season which is always good. Introduced by the lovely Lorraine Kelly. An extra bonus.