Saturday, August 1, 2009


As you all know I love coming across songs and videos and remixes on Youtube that I haven't seen before. This week when I posted the Riders On The Storm video I found this mix of the song mixed with Rapture by Blondie. I love the way Jim Morrison looks at the camera at the beginning of the video and the way Debbie wanders around too.
When I was a child my family lived out in the country and every week my aunt would bring me comics. Over the years they went from The Beano to 2000AD. Then my aunt would bring me pop singles. I remember getting Ring My Bell by Anita Ward, Chiquitita by Abba, Tragedy by The Bee Gees, Bang Bang By BA Robertson and Heart of Glass and Sunday Girl by Blondie. Blondie's songs were always amazing. Hangin' On The Telephone, Call Me and Atomic. They are all equal favouites but Rapture is the song that is completely perfect. The above mix just adds to it.
Here's song number 14 of my 40. From 1981 Rapture by Blondie.