Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who Will Buy!

Thank you so much for the recent lovely comments guys. One comment that made me stop and think about the 40 songs I wanted to share over the next few weeks was from Enda when he wondered; was there any songs before 1980 that made an impression on me. Most of my favourite songs are from the mid 1980's but there were many songs from the 1960's and 1970's that I will always love too. I just remember being aware of liking music from 1981 0r 1982 onwards. I then started to think of songs released since August 1969 when I was born. I grew up with a radio station in my back garden and we had the radio on ALL THE TIME! It was great. So, I heard a lot of ABBA, Dolly Parton, Fleetwood Mac, Crystal Gayle, Chic, Motown and all those songs have all stayed with me. I do remember loving songs that I would have first seen in movies on TV when I was a child. The best movies were usually shown at Christmas on Irish TV (we didn't have BBC) and the famous Disney, disaster movies, epics and musicals always made the biggest impression on me. I loved Oliver! It was scary and thrilling and wonderful at the same time. I remember wishing I was Oliver and feeling sad for poor Nancy. That film also made me think of London as a place of wonder. London and New York are still my favourite cities. Oliver! was released in September 1968. That was the month my parents got married. My Dad was 23 and my Mam was 21. My first home was a small flat in Dean Street in Kilkenny. It would be the first of our 8 homes. All in Kilkenny! We moved house more than Dawn French and Jim Morrison combined. The scene in Oliver! that I loved the most was the Who Will Buy? scene. It is happy and just full of life and music and dance and today it still reminds me of falling in love with the magic of music and cinema at the same time. I love the way how simply the choreography of the scene starts out and then, as more characters are added in that wonderful square, the whole spectacle of it all. So the other 38 songs of my favourite 40 will be a mixed bunch. Thank you all for your interest in my little personal project! So here's song number 2. The full Who Will Buy? scene from the 1968 musical Oliver!