Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So Far Away, So Far Away

"Miles Away" will be known, for a while anyway, as the lowest charting Madonna song in the UK. The fact that it charted at #39, then dropped to #68 and then disappeared completely is sad because it is a song that should have easily have been top ten. It only took sales of 5,643 to chart within the top 30. "Give it 2 Me" had reached #7 in the UK and #10 in Ireland earlier last year. Yet, "Miles Away" didn't even chart in countries like Ireland and the main charts in America and Australia. It may have been a number one in The US Dance Airplay Charts but it's not the same as the regular charts. What went wrong with "Miles Away"? Is it just an ok song? No, of course not. It is pure classic pop. Were even the hardcore fans fed up of all the divorce news in the media? No, anything to do with her personal life has never stopped them before. I think the fact that the song didn't have an offical video was one reason but the other reason is that any physical copies of the single were not easy to find. "Miles Away" is easily a song I would have bought for it's remixes. Thousands of Madonna fans have bought all formats of the vinyl and then CD singles over the years but do all, especially the older fans, buy the downloads, I don't think so. I wonder if Madonna herself was disappointed by the song's lack of success in some countries, in others it did well such as Spain where it was number one and was #5 in Japan. I always wondered why doesn't Madonna release a song right on the beginning of her tour where she had lots of positive attention. "Miles Away" is a buzzy, floaty pop song like "Dear Jessie" or "Don't Tell Me". I think if "Miles Away" had been released in the Summer or as her second single it would have done much better. If we get a good summer this year play, "Miles Away" and see how good it sounds. I often think a good pop song should have a good remix and "Miles Away" has several. My favourite is the seven minute plus version as remixed by Morgan Page. The "So Far Away" refrain is particularly gorgeous. Here it is.