Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In The Beginning We Were Nothing But Glad

In 1986 Nick Kamen had a number 5 UK hit with Each Time You Break My Heart. The song was written by Stephen Bray and Madonna. She also sang the backing vocals. Here's Nick Kamen and Each Time You Break My Heart..
And here is Madonna's version.


John said...

Always loved this song, and had the full-length LP, although I'm stumped to even remember what the rest of it sounded like.

Yuяi said...

I had a surprise Madonna backing vocal moment yesterday when Naked Eyes' "Promises Promises" shuffled up. The 7 and 12 inch Jellybean mixes have a Madonna spoken part in them and I was like "Hell, that's Madonna!" I nearly wrecked the car.. lol .. but should have guessed when Jellybean did the mixes. If you'd like to hear/have them, shoot me an email, David. :)

Unknown said...

Love to hear the full album, I had Each Time on Picture disc, gone missing since sadly

Yuri, thanks will email u on that