Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Five Star Dolly Ratings

Apart from the pop blogs we all read everyday and Popjustice I think the entertainment news website Digital Spy has it's heart firmly in pop promotion. This week on Digital Spy UK The Dolly Rockers review some of the week's new singles including Mika, Preston and Pixie Lott. They know and love their pop and it's all v Popworld meets Smash Hits! It's like they wandered into Paul's Fizzypop chart! They are v amusing, especially the last comment about peas. Watch their reviews here.
One of the songs reviewed in the clip above is Preston's Dressed To Kill, which I've loved since I heard it first on Paul's site weeks ago. Here he is, Preston Le Bon.


Myfizzypop said...

ooo i watched that today :) It was vair vair amusant. Has Preston actually been released?!

Unknown said...

Yes Presto was released on Sept 7th according to Wikipedia, hope it does well, d