Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whole Wide World

Recorded in 1989 but a hit in 1990 in the Billboard charts, here's some pure bubblegum pop. This is A'me Lorain and Whole Wide World. Remember this one John and Yuri?

Five Star Dolly Ratings

Apart from the pop blogs we all read everyday and Popjustice I think the entertainment news website Digital Spy has it's heart firmly in pop promotion. This week on Digital Spy UK The Dolly Rockers review some of the week's new singles including Mika, Preston and Pixie Lott. They know and love their pop and it's all v Popworld meets Smash Hits! It's like they wandered into Paul's Fizzypop chart! They are v amusing, especially the last comment about peas. Watch their reviews here.
One of the songs reviewed in the clip above is Preston's Dressed To Kill, which I've loved since I heard it first on Paul's site weeks ago. Here he is, Preston Le Bon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Captain & Tennille & Dionne

In the 1970s the Captain & Tennille had their own TV show and it would have been a show that I would never have missed if I had been born an American child. There was lots of guest appearances on the show such as the clip below where Dionne Warwick and Toni Tennille sang He's Gone, their fantastic version of the Hall & Oates song She's Gone.


Here's two cover versions by Dolly that I love. The first is Stairway To Heaven. The second is Where Have All The Flowers Gone.

One Minute!

Here's a TV advertisement for Celebration, the album.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The track below is called Expialidocious and was created by Pogo, who comes from Australia. It's one of many Pogotracks which are on his Myspace page here. Thanks to my brother for posting it on his Facebook page.

The Jets

There are so many songs that almost were part of my favourite 40. Every now and again I'm going to post some of the songs that are also high on my list. The Jets are a great American pop group and had hits in America with songs like Crush On You, Curiosity, Cross My Broken heart and Make It Real.
Here's my favourite song by them and is one that I used to play on my radio show. This is Rocket 2 U.

In The Beginning We Were Nothing But Glad

In 1986 Nick Kamen had a number 5 UK hit with Each Time You Break My Heart. The song was written by Stephen Bray and Madonna. She also sang the backing vocals. Here's Nick Kamen and Each Time You Break My Heart..
And here is Madonna's version.

If You Liked It

One day, not so very long ago, Beyonce was walking down the street and she met a little boy who was crying his eyes out. 'What's up, chuck?' enquired Lady Knowles-Z. 'My balloon!' sobbed the child, 'My balloon flew away!!!!'. 'Well!' said Beyonce 'If you liked it then you should have put a string on it!' Oh, Oh, Oh! Here's a Beyonce-Freemasons moment.

Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells

Drumming Song is the new single from Florence & The Machine. It's the 4th single from the Lungs album. They are a music act that I really want to see in concert. Dublin's Vicar Street please, Ms Florence. No out in an Irish field malarkey for me, thank you! The download EP is released on September 13th and it contains four versions of the song and also Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). Value! The CD single features Drumming Song, Falling and Dog Days Are Over.
Here's the colourful video.