Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yesterday - Well It Seemed So Cool

Between Disco and rock and the New Romantic period of chart music there was a combination of all of those genres, Roxy Music. They defined an age. They were that little bit more respected than other chart acts in the 1970s and early 1980s. They have to be an influence on some of the chart artists today. Bryan Ferry is one of the few singers that I still want to see in concert. In 1979 I was 10 and I remember Roxy Music on the radio, there was always something adult and grown up about their music. Their album and single covers were often very sexual and a few years later you could see a group like Duran Duran using various Roxy Music imagery in their own identity. They are today most well known for the ballads Avalon and their version of Jealous Guy, their John Lennon tribute. In 1979 Roxy Music released the album Manifesto with its mannequin featured cover. For me Manifesto had two memorable singles. One was Angel Eyes. The other song was Dance Away, song number 27 of my 40. Dance Roxy was a number two hit in the disco days of 1979. It was kept off the top by Blondie's Sunday Girl in the UK charts. Lyrically, I love it with lines like Let The Strobe Light Up Them All and Loneliness is A Crowed Room. Here's a song that is 30 years old this year, this is Roxy Music and the extended mix of Dance Away.

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