Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where Love Lives (Come On In)

When I first heard Where Love Lives (Come On In) by Alison Limerick I thought it was by Madonna. Of course Madonna has nothing to do with the song but I think it could be a great song for her to cover. Where Love Lives (Come On In) was first released in 1990 and re-released in 1991. It got to number 27 in the UK charts but was a huge club hit. This was a time when dance songs were first hits in clubs and then many of these songs became big chart hits in the early 1990s. If there is a revival of that genre of music in the next decade then that would be a very good thing. A remix of Where Love Lives (Come On In) in 1996 got to number 9 in the UK charts and another remix of the song charted at 44 in 2003. Other great songs by Alison are her covers of Make It On My Own and Love Come Down. The cover for When Love Lives (Come On In) is not the one I have as I look at it now which is the same picture but on a white background. Like all dance songs there is just a few versions I like. This is song number 28 of my 40. From 1990 this is the Classic mix of Where Love Lives (Come On In) which was produced by Lati Kronlund and additional production by both Frankie Knuckles and David Morales.

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