Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wendy & Lisa

Yesterday I did a post on Prince. Without Wendy & Lisa the days of Purple Rain and Parade would have been very different indeed. The sub plot in that film of the characters played by Wendy & Lisa trying to get their music noticed in Purple Rain was a very interesting one. Their self titled album Wendy & Lisa in 1987 was mainly about relationships and the time they spent working with Prince & The Revolution. Waterfall is the most well known single. It is one of those albums that I love from beginning to end. If you do not have it treat yourself to it. There is an alternative cover which was used on the CD release but the original album release featured the above cover image. Everything But You, Song About, The Life, Blues Away, all classic moments in music. Song number 30 of my 40 is Chance To Grow by Wendy and Lisa but like so many other songs by great music artists it could be any of the songs on their debut album. Check out the William Orbit mix of Lolly Lolly from later in their career too and the lovely mix they did for Gwen Stefani on The Real Thing. From 1987 here is Wendy & Lisa with two songs from their debut album; Song About as well as The Life.

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