Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Song For You

A Song for You was written by Leon Russell. It has been covered by so many music artists. This week a lot of people are writing about Whitney Houston's version of the song. It is one that she sang before at concerts but her version now is a dance version and it seems right that she is making her comeback with that song on her album. Thank you Paul for the great review you gave to the album. Donny Hathaway's version is still one of the greatest and many male singers have sang it like Donny or in tribute to him. Leon Russell's own version is very different to the one we most know. That version that most people know is by the Carpenters. Did you know it was never a single for them? I didn't until today. It is as good as their version of Superstar which is my joint favourite Carpenter song. Here are three versions of A Song For You. Song number 39 of my 40. The first is by the Carpenters.
The second is by Christina Aguilera with Herbie Hancock.
The third version is by Elliott Yamin. Of the more modern versions of the song it is his version that I find is the most emotional, in other words it makes me cry!
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