Monday, August 10, 2009

Sky High

I've Seen The Film, I've Read The Book was a 1975 single by the British group Jigsaw. I don't think a lot of people will remember that song. But they may remember the follow up song which was called Sky High. It was written for a martial arts film called The Man From Hong Kong. The song was a top 3 US hit, top ten in the UK and a number one in Japan.
I think it's one of those forever catchy pop songs and it's song number 15 of my 40.
Here's Jigsaw and their gorgeous pop hit from 1975 Sky High.
In the 1990's Mike Stock and Matt Aitken of SAW produced a version of Sky High for the singer Newton. Newton was a former fireman turned pop star. Excellent career move. Here he is.

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John said...

I have always loved the original version of this. Get out of my head! Robbie did a big post on Newton about two years ago. Fun stuff.