Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sidewalk Talk

John 'Jellybean' Benitez worked with Madonna on her songs Holiday, Borderline, Lucky Star, Everybody, Gambler and Crazy For You. In 1984 his song Sidewalk Talk was released. It was written by Madonna and was sung by Catherine Buchanan. Madonna sang the backing vocals. Sidewalk Talk is completely a classic early Madonna song. It got to number 18 in the US Billboard chart but was also a number one hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Club chart.
Looking back now, I am amazed at the amount and variety of pop I was able to buy when I was a teenager in my home town of Kilkenny. Sidewalk Talk is fab bubblegum pop. It also had a great B-Side called Was Dog A Doughnut. The cover above is the European edition and featured the legendary Written By Madonna under the Jellybean name. Jellybean had other hits as a music artist himself which included Who Found Who featuring Elisa Fiorillo on vocals and also Just A Mirage featuring Adele Bertei. He also produced one of Whitney's great pop dance moments, Love Will Save The Day. Pop would have been an emptier place without Jellybean. Here's song number 29 of my 40. From 1984 this is Sidewalk Talk by John 'Jellybean Benitez featuring Catherine Buchanan and Madonna on vocals. Here's one other Jellybean pop moment, Jingo.

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Yuяi said...

What a great track! When the chorus would come on, I used to crank the volume up to the max and then turn it back down when Madge's part was over. LOL I still consider it a Madonna track though. It's labeled on my ipod as such. Who's Jellybean anyways? .. :)