Monday, August 31, 2009

She Came Along

Whenever I hear a new song I like I play it so many times that I either don't ever want to hear it again or will always like it. Today, I've been listening to a new Sharam song, She Came Along. I don't really know Kid Cudi and am not mad on his vocals on the song but I have the Patsy Cline sample in the chorus lodged in my head. Sharam is currently touring with his Wild West multimedia show which sounds very intriging. Here's She Came Along by Sharam featuring Kid Cudi, out this week in the UK. So much dance sounds the same it has to be commended for trying a different type of sample.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like this.

Always had a soft spot for a bit of Patsy, and this is rather tasty indeed!



PS: Hope you had a good birthday!

John said...

I'm always with ya on your selections, but not really feeling this one. And I like me some Patsy and Cudi, too.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys,

Patsy def is the best thing about it, it's a longer mix too, the single isn't as good i think,