Monday, August 24, 2009


I have been living in Dublin for almost 20 years now. For all that is awful about Dublin such as the lack of civic pride that some people have for their city there has also been the great things. That for me is all the friendships I have made over the years. In every job I have worked in I have made some friends along the way that has made the experience of working there a good one such as a bookshop job a few years ago where I met my friends Anna Lena and Susan and my cinema job days where I met Orla, Tara and Sinead. My current job is full of some brilliant people and they know who they are. A lot of my friendships are female relationships while, like most gay men, the majority of my male friends are gay. My friend Brian is someone whom I made other friends through because of him. I met him through a surprise party for one of my greatest darlings, Rosie, whose birthday is also this week. Through Brian I also met my wonderful friend Patrick who is from Boston and lives here with his partner Liang. Patrick adores music and especially the American music that I love. Over the years I have gone to many concerts and nearly all of them have been with a good friend. I don't like going to a concert by myself. One concert that I went to with Patrick was Christopher Cross in Vicar Street. For every concert I see there is one song that I most want to hear. So I have heard Cyndi sing She Bop, Yazoo sing Only You, Duran Duran sing The Chauffeur and so on. Christopher Cross sang Sailing perfectly. It was number one in the USA but it wasn't a hit in the UK, only getting to number 48. Could that be true? Here's song number 35 of my 40. From 1980 this is a more recent live performance of Sailing by Christopher Cross.


John said...

Not only do I love this song, but even the 'NSync cover of it helped win me over to their abilities.

Unknown said...

John: I didn't know they did a cover of it until yesterday, will check it out,