Saturday, August 15, 2009

Maybe He's Just Too Demanding

Of the 40 songs on my list I've decided to just post ones that can be accompanied by a Youtube video. This is not easy when all the many Prince songs that I could select are not on Youtube or the audio is forever silent. This annoys many a Prince fan but that's what makes him Prince I just. I think it's to do with his Napoleon complex! I can't think of music from the 1980s without having Prince on that list. There are so many quality Prince songs but almost all of them are from Purple Rain, Parade and Sign O' The Times. Other songs include Lady Cab Driver, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Alphabet Street and I Wish U Heaven. So here I will only mention two of the best on my list. I only watched Purple Rain, the film, for the first time last year. I think I was always a bit nervous that I would be disappointed by it. The album is in my top ten albums of the 1980s and I didn't want the icon status of the songs diminished. But how wrong I was because Purple Rain the film is the songs. They are the film's heart. It is a very sexual film and it's violence towards women such as the character of Apolloina is something that unnerved me but it all is part of the background story. I loved the whole feel of the film especially the scenes with Wendy & Lisa and the Revolution as well as Morris Day and the way that the songs are performances played in full. It was a true 1984 musical. When Doves Cry was my favourite song for years and the title of my blog is a tribute to that song. Take Me With U just makes me happy every time I hear it. Let's Go Crazy = Perfect. Like most very famous songs, the album's title track Purple Rain would be my least favourite though it is the definition of the great songs of the 1980s. It is the song The Beautiful Ones that is song number 24 of my 40. There is all you need to know about the song here. I also liked Mariah's cover of the song with Dru Hill on her 1997 album, Butterfly. A brave choice of cover version at the time. The second Prince song on my list is from the 1986 album Parade. My favourite single is not Kiss but Girls and Boys. Mountains comes a close second.
The song on that album that is number 25 on my list was, like The Beautiful Ones, an album track and it is Sometimes It Snows In April. It's lyrics were by Prince and music by Wendy & Lisa who will get their own post soon here on this site. I remember listening to the lyrics and just hearing a song being sung by a man about another man and since then it has always meant something to me even with all that Prince may believe himself these days. Last year I was so disappointed when Prince cancelled his Dublin concert despite selling over 57,000 tickets. I have seen him twice in concert though.
Of course neither songs on my list can be posted here but a cover version can be. Vanessa Paradis did a nice version of Sometimes It Snows In April years ago but here is one by Zabeth Dkos.

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Myfizzypop said...

oddly enough though my brothers loved Prince and played both these albums incessently, it wasn't til Diamonds and Pearls that I fell in love with his music and sought out his (extensive) back catalogue. Now i feel it's too much hard work to keep up with his output, but i certainly give it a bash every now and then in vain hope of something genius...