Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kiss Curl

It is funny how songs remind you of people. This week I have been listening to the Freemasons album Shakedown 2. There are loads of remix gems on that album and I will post a few of them over the next few days. One song that is extremely remixtastic is a mix of Ghosts & Stuff by Deadmau5 and People Hold On by Coldcut featuring Lisa Stansfield.
How I loved Lisa and all her songs especially All Around the World, Change, All Woman and This is the Right Time. I got to see her in concert here in Dublin a few years ago with my friend Orla.
People Hold On is a wonderful pop dance song. When I looked at the video again I remembered that Lisa had her kiss curl and it reminded me of the first guy I kissed. That was back in 1990. He had a devilish grin and a kiss curl. One day several years later I was listening to the radio in work and I heard that the same guy had gone to jail. But that's another story. Anyway! Here's Lisa.


Anonymous said...

'This Is THe Right Time'. I loved that. And 'Time To Make You Mine' - which reminds me that I really should download that track.

She did a really lovely version f Prefab Sprout's When Love Breaks Down a couple of years ago and Paddy McAloon wrote an extra verse for her. Cool.

Loving these countdown blog posts, David!

Unknown said...

Enda, they are two songs that I meant to include as well, both brilliant, her version of When Love Breaks down is one of my all time favourite covers, didn't
know that Paddy wrote the extra verse, v cool indeed,

thank you for kind comments,