Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Call

The great joy about having my own radio show was that every week I choose my own playlist. The songs I played on my show weren't always ones that I heard on other Irish radio stations. I used to buy the music magazine Record Mirror each week and it had a full listing of international charts, I think that magazine is a reason why I was so obsessed with chart positions and hit singles. It is a lifetime obsession. I loved the American chart the most and that's why I find it is a bit sad that the American chart can be a very dull one these days. In the 1980s there was amazing mix of genres in the Billboard Hot 100. Pop, rock, ballads, r'n'b, dance. One of those American songs that I played on my radio show in the mid 1980s was Just Call by Sherrick. There isn't much about him on the net bar this page. He died in 1999 when he was just 41. This is song number 22 of my 40. From 1987, a song that got to number 23 in the UK charts this is Sherrick and Just Call.

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