Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tell Me Why The Road Turns

It would not be possible to have a list of my favourite songs without having a song from the many songs of Motown. I think that the majority of modern pop and especially r'n'b began with Motown and the world is thankful for that. All of my forty songs are really just snapshots of moments in music. I could pick 40 Madonna or Prince songs. 40 songs from just the 80s or 90s. I could also pick 40 songs just by Michael Jackson or Diana Ross. 40 songs from the world of Motown. So here are two songs from two of Motown's most famous. The first is Diana Ross. I would like to choose Someday We'll Be Together, Love Child, Upside Down, Reflections, Love Hangover or The Happening but the song I decided on was Missing You. This is the sort of song that gives you comfort and sadness at the same time. It was written by Lionel Ritchie and was a tribute to the late Marvin Gaye. The video included images of Florence Ballard of The Supremes and Paul Williams of The Temptations. It is from 1984. I always thought it was from much earlier. I have seen Diana Ross twice in concert. Both times in the old Point Theatre. here in Dublin. Once with my cousin Ann and our friend Maria, that was a really great evening, those two girls loved seeing a star in concert. The other time was with my darling Tommy. How I loved going to concerts and movies and just anywhere with Tommy. Where are you now? I have wondered that a few times recently. If you do a blog post like this it's easy to slip into the past but if I had a birthday wish it would be to meet Tommy again. So, if my blog was my radio show then this song would be for Tommy. Here is song number 11. From 1984, Diana Ross and Missing You.
The second song is by Stevie Wonder. He is not an artist that I listen to all the time but whenever I play his best of I always play You Are The Sunshine Of My Life. Yes, I am an out and proud romantic. A big part of the reason I loved this song was because of the fact that the opening lines were sung not by Stevie but by someone else. Their names are James Gilstrap and Lani Groves. (I looked that up!). . This Grammy winning song was a number one in 1973 in the US. It's gorgeous and perfect and sums up Motown in one song. Here is song number 12. You Are The Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder.

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