Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Come Around and Talk Awhile

The 1970s for me was Star Wars and Disney movies, action men and the Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie's Angels and the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew both on TV and in book form. It was in the late 70s that I remembered being aware of hearing songs on the radio. We didn't have BBC until the 1980s so a lot of the pop shows weren't on TV for me then. Today, I associate the 70s with disco and especially love songs. Those sweet, sad ones. There are some stars that created a genre of love song. One of those people was Olivia Newton John. My favourite song from Grease was Hopelessly Devoted to You, it was one of the few films of that decade that I didn't see in the cinema, it was all the Skywalker family for me then instead of the first High School Musical. My favourite song from Xanadu a few years later would be Suddenly, her duet with Cliff. Someday I might even meet someone who likes those songs as much as me! I'm realising that picking just 40 songs that are my favourites is not that easy. Ever since I rediscovered Sam by Olivia Newton John (through Last.FM) I really think it's one of the most gorgeous songs of the 1970's. It sums up a time in music that could only have been from that decade. So, here's song number 7 of my 40. From 1977 this is Sam by Olivia Newton John.


John said...

"Sam" wasn't as big with me, but I loved "Suddenly". If there was an ON-J song on my list, it would probably be "Make A Move On Me".

Yuяi said...

It is tough to pick just 40 -- especially with all the remixes etc out there. You have a tough job ahead!