Thursday, July 30, 2009

Riders On The Storm

The tenth song of my 40 goes back to the 1970s. I remember my sister Jane loved The Doors and I would think she still does. While Jane was listening to The Sugarcubes, Nirvana and The Sundays I was listening to, well, you know what I was listening to! My other sister Emma still loves her pop and as ever I am always so glad that she reads my posts. It was only when I saw Oliver Stones film The Doors in 1991 that I really began to like their music. Especially the song Riders On The Storm. It is such a dreamlike and dark song. There is beautiful menace in it. I think that Jim Morrison was the kind of star that both women and men fell in love with. As a gay man I can and will say when a star, male or female, is attractive. I think that many straight guys also fall in love with male musical heroes but some will never admit it even though it is really completely harmless. I love the way that straight men love their music, it is not a sexual love but it is almost that. A great passion. I have great admiration for all those legendary rock stars. I like that certain genre of rock music as much as my pop songs. Riders On The Storm represents all those songs such as a lot of The Rolling Stones early music and songs by Bruce Springsteen such as The River and I'm On Fire. It represents the great American rock songs. The songs of the 60s and 70s and in the 80s. Here's song number 10. From June 1971 The Doors and Riders On The Storm.

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