Monday, May 11, 2009

David's Daily Dramas

This was a post I did on discovering David's Daily Dramas for the first time back in 2007. I couldn't delete this one. Part of the reason that I haven't being blogging a lot recently is that I started a new job before Christmas and have been a wee bit tired. In March, I am going to work 4 days a week to give me time to pursue things like learning how to drive, reading more, see more movies, more writing time and generally do those things that I had hoped to do when I left my perfectly fine and secure job last year. Ohh, and also sell my house and go tour the world, well that bit didn't exactly work out. Ohh, well! I'm enjoying my new job, something I couldn't always say in my life, so that's good. A larger reason that I haven't blogged is that I have become addicted to the Last.FM site where your listening selections, through your I-Tunes and Media Player songs are collected on your own personal homepage and each week you get your own chart. My moaning about the Gallop chart has been replaced by replacing it with my own. The Last.FM site is a fab way to get in touch with people all over the world. Hello Pato in Chile, u fine thing! It is a perfect way to meet guys, in my case, who adore pop music and have to play at least 5 pop songs a day. One guy, Dave in Brighton, has his own blog. His blog is my most favourite internet find in a good while and it the kind of blog I love to read. Dave shares my love for the popstars of the world and also, like fellow fab blogger Enda, a love of Dolly. For David, I publish a picture of Dolly taken when she stayed a weekend in my 950 acre country residence last Autumn. She enjoyed many an hour strolling the grounds, guitar strapped to her back, inspired by the hedgehogs and the odd burnt out car around her. Enjoy the forthcoming concert Dave. Readers, enjoy his words and fab humour at David's Daily Dramas.

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