Thursday, November 20, 2008

Into The Northern Lights

I had to smile when I saw that David Van Day is now in the jungle on the "I'm a Celebrity..." TV show. After appearing on "Reborn in the USA" and a makeover show for Living, he's becoming a reality TV show regular. While it is Abba I remember most clearly from my late 1970's /early 1980's pop memories it was Dollar, that is David Van Day and Thereza Bazar, whom I just adored. This was long before Wham!, Duran Duran, Culture Club and Ms Madonna Louise and many more would define the 1980's for me. It was Dollar's 1979 songs; "Love's Got a Hold on Me" and "Who Were You With in the Moonlight" that the 10 year old me listened to a lot on the radio. The producer Trevor Horn, in the late 1970's and 1980's, worked with The Buggles, The Art Of Noise and most famously Frankie Goes To Hollywood but in 1981 he was also the writer and producer of "The Dollar Album" and on that album Trevor Horn created the concept of a "love story" written across 4 songs, which were then released as singles. The first single was "Hand Held in Black & White" (The meeting). The other three were "Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)" (the loving), "Give Me Back my Heart" (The Break Up) and "Videotheque" (The Postscript). All 4 songs were hits and Dollar's performances of all 4 singles on "Top Of The Pops" at the time are still on Youtube. All of those details are taken from Wikipedia, I say this because back in 1981, 12 year old me didn't know that. All I knew is that pop songs, like any of Dollar's hits were marking out the music I love to this day. It was also how Dollar looked that made me love pop more than any other type of music. Dollar were pure and utter perfect pop stars. How gorgeous is Thereza in any of their videos. Somewhere in England, George Michael must have looking at a Dollar video and saying to himself, about David; "I must have that hairstyle, someday!". There was a "best of" Dollar album a few years ago but it didn't contain all their greatest hits from 1979 onwards or their version of "O L'amour" which was a top ten hit for them in 1987, which is also best known as performed by Erasure. David Van Day came across badly towards Thereza Bazar on "Reborn in the USA" which was just awful, so it will be interesting to see how his latest TV appearance will be like. Here's the joyous pop of "Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)". And the gorgeous and perfect "Give Me Back My Heart".