Sunday, August 10, 2008


David Tennant's recent visit to see his fellow Doctor Who co-star, Catherine Tate, in her West End play "Under The Blue Sky" resulted in him having to leave the theatre early as over excited Doctor Who fans "began singing the show's music and waving sonic screwdrivers", during the performance. Somehow, I don't think any of those fans were under ten. More on that story here. It's just a classic example of a "who on earth would want to be a celebrity" type story. Catherine Tate, professionally, managed to ignore the people in the audience but you can imagine there were a few choice words in the dressing room later. A few months ago I decided that I don't watch TV enough to merit paying for cable every month so I got rid of my Sky or NTL as it's known in Ireland. So far, I don't regret it, though I may wish it back as X Factor looks like it could be a great Dannii and Cheryl show this Autumn. Because of not having TV stations anymore I find I am reading more and watching all those DVD's you buy and never watch. I couldn't do without my internet though. Especially Youtube. One series that I haven't really seen at all has been the most recent Doctor Who so I don't really have an opinion of what Catherine Tate's Donna was like. What I did like, a lot, was her interview with the forever joyful Graham Norton recently. The interview is below. The entire video is funny but my favourite bit is when she tells of the fact that she wasn't a fan of Doctor Who before joining the show and her reaction when told that one of the show's ultimate villains, Darvos, was returning. It's classic TV.

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