Sunday, August 24, 2008

Official Girl

Me & U and Long Way 2 Go by Cassie were two of my most listened to pop r'n'b songs in 2006. The rest of her self titled debut album wasn't that great with Ditto" being the only other really memorable song. Earlier this year Cassie starred in the teen dance movie, Step Up 2: The Streets. A song by her, Is it You reached number 52 in the US singles chart. That song wasn't officially released as single in the US but became her second most downloaded song after Me & U. That song made it to number 3 in the US Billboard hot 100 singles chart and was a number one single in the UK download chart. Her new album is due out this Autumn and is provisionally titled "Connecticut Fever" and the first single, already released onto ITunes in the US is "Official Girl". It has a host of writers and is produced by Danja, who recently co-produced "4 Minutes" with Timbaland. "Official Girl" also features vocals by rapper Lil Wayne. At first I didn't think a lot of Official Girl" but it's one of those songs that ends up sticking in your head and it's clear that the winning formula of her two previous hits has been revisited but with a new base line. The video for "Official Girl" is below.

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