Sunday, August 24, 2008

Like Stars

Taio Cruz's She's Like A Star is one of the songs that I think is most gorgeous this year, one that I played a lot when i heard it first a few months ago. It climbs 12 places to number 20 in the UK singles chart this week. She's like A Star has one of the sweetest hooks on it's chorus which some people would either love or find v annoying. It is also the fifth single off his album Departure". His third single Come On Girl reached number 5 last year and Taio's most recent single "I Can Be" went to number 18. The video for She's like a Star features Taio and Roxanne Drew McKee, an actress from the TV show Hollyoaks and there is also a remix of the song featuring Busta Rhymes and Sugababes, which is a bit messy I think. The original version is just fine. The video below is neither one that features Taio or any other vocalists. It's just two dancers, two guys whose style is really poetry in motion. They dance under the name MindBogglerz and they also have a Youtube post on line of them dancing to Janet's Feedback, which is also brilliant.

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