Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The Culture Club song "Colour by Numbers" would never appear on the album of the same name in 1983. Instead it would be part of the re-mastered edition of the "Colours by Numbers" album in 2003. It was, however, the b-side to what is, I think, Culture Club's greatest single. That is, the song "Victims". The video was a fantastic, over the top affair and captured all that was fab about Culture Club at the time. "Victims" was the follow up single to "Karma Chameleon" which had been number one in 12 countries in the world earlier that year. "Karma Chameleon" was the true definition of a worldwide hit as it was a hit in several European countries, including Ireland, Australia, Japan and their only number one hit in the US. It made Boy George a huge star in America where he would be immortalised, years later, in doll form, as seen below.I have always thought that Boy George was one of the greatest pop songwriters of his day, the other person being George Michael. "Careless Whisper" was released in America as a song by Wham! featuring George Michael. By the early 1990's and after the success of the "Faith" album, George Michael was an even bigger solo star than he was in his days with Andrew in Wham! The serious, bearded George on the "Rolling Stone" cover below has the sub heading; "Life after Wham! No more kid stuff". This year George Michael tours America again and these days he performs a mixture of his adult and "kid" stuff as he preforms both his solo work and songs from his time in Wham! Back in 1991 George Michael toured the US and on October 1st 1991 in Oakland-Alameda County Arena he sang his own version of Culture Club's "Victims". It is a gorgeous version. I will always like Boy George's vocals the most on that song but George Michael's version is as good. There are some videos of concert footage of George singing "Victims" on Youtube but the quality isn't good so the clip below is live audio only.

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