Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is Not The Future My Mother Warned Me About

The teaser trailer for "Terminator Salvation" has been released and is below. The trailer will, from this weekend, be shown in cinemas alongside the release of "The Dark Knight" in the US. While all "The Dark Knight" talk and publicity centres on the late Heath Ledger, it is very obvious that by the time the 4th Terminator film is released in May 2009, Christian Bale will be the most well known actor of this generation. Christian Bale stars as John Connor. The films co-stars include Anton Yelchin, Sam Worthington, Common and Bryce Dallas Howard. I loved the first two Terminator movies and hated the third so every movie fans hopes are high for the return to the franchise next year. It is directed by McG, best known for the two "Charlie's Angels" movies. There is more information on the plot and production of the movie here. The image below is taken from the movie's web page which can be found here.

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