Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh, happy day!

Today I found the cure for depression. Below is a video that could cheer up the saddest heart.
It's amazing when you think you know most things about popular culture and some things just pass you by. One that had done so for me was, Jerry Springer: The Opera and the song I Just Wanna Dance from it. When the musical itself opened in London's West End it was one of the most controversial shows ever. The show did make it to America but not to Broadway after failing to get the all important financial backing. Thankfully some songs live on.
While looking at the great pop music site Fizzypop I came across the song and a video featuring a montage of the best and worst moments from musicals spanning several decades of cinema. It is simply one of the funniest and fabbest things I have ever since. It is fantastically edited and the inclusion of movies like Showgirls and Connie &Carla made me laugh out loud but it's the look on Kate Winslet's face as Titanic's Rose that made me smile the most.
The song, better known by it's proper name; I Just Wanna Fuckin' dance is sung by Shawntel in the Jerry Springer: The Opera stage show. Shawntel is described on Wikipedia as "an overweight, middle aged woman who dreams of being a pole dancer". It's like a John Waters dream come true.
The vocals on the song are by Alison Jiear, who in true tragic gay dance diva style was rumoured never to have been paid for her vocals on the remix of the song used in clubs all over the world.
There are other videos versions of the song but the video below reminded me of those montages you saw on the Oscars in the 1970's or 1980's.


Myfizzypop said...

Oh the boys in Centre Stage in Gran Canaria go absolutely insane for it. I smile every time i see it. Have you seen the Mamma Mia remix video with Mommie Dearest clips? Brilliant

David Minogue said...

Hi Paul, thanks for that.
i will have to check out that video clip. I loved Mommie Dearest.