Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A special mention to the Irish based movie website Movies.ie. The site features listings for cinemas and movie screening times all over Ireland, trailers of new and forthcoming movies, reviews of current movies as well as a large archive, all of which are rated by the readers of the site, who can also maintain their own personal movie blog within the site. There is daily updated movie news so all the brand new info on Captain America, the Iron Man Sequel and other casting and production news can be accessed on the website's opening page. Almost every day now there are interviews with stars in current movie releases. This week there are interviews with the following stars: Audrey Tatou ("Priceless"), Edward Norton ("The Incredible Hulk"), Adam Deacon ("Adulthood"), Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel ("The Happening") and Keira Knightley ("The Edge Of Love"). The interview with Keira is here. A great feature of the site is where it offers it's readers the chance to see preview screenings. recently all of these have been previews shown in cinemas in Dublin's city centre. In the last three weeks I have gotten to see Gone Baby Gone and The Incredible Hulk" through these preview screenings. The current preview offer is for the new Angelina Jolie and James McEvoy, guns and fast cars movie; Wanted. That offer is still on line as of today Wednesday. What I like about these preview screenings is that the movies to date have been commercial movies which are ones that usually become the biggest hits of the Summer and year ahead. "Iron Man" being just one of the films that audiences got to see at least a week before the film's general release date. Movies.ie seems to be a website that caters to people who simply love to be entertained when they choose to go to movie. There is also full coverage of arthouse cinema as well so the balance is there while the snobbery isn't. The Movies.ie website is here.

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